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About us

Centurion Construction Company was incorporated, founded and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1980.  We operate as a Class C Corporation with unrestricted licenses in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and South Carolina.  Our simple mission is to provide the highest quality construction in a timely manner, and that has allowed our Company to obtain an exceptional level of client satisfaction and flourish in the industry.

Home Office

3301 Glen Royal Road

Raleigh, NC 27617

PO Box 90907 (27675)

Phone 919.787.0924

Fax 919.787.4468








 Matthew Riggs, President
Gary Wright, Executive Vice President

Somp Thilavanh, Secretary/Treasurer




Matt Riggs, President, Project Manager/Estimator
Gary Wright, Executive Vice President/Pre-Construction/Multi-Family
Eric Rasmussen, Vice President, Project Manager/Estimator
Stephen Smith, Vice President, Project Manager/Estimator

Dave Kasulka, Safety Director
Somp Thilavanh, Corp.Treasurer /Controller
Vicky Herring, Assistant Controller
Cindy Crabtree, Office Manager
Aimee Roke, Project Manager Administrator


Our Banking relationship is with First Citizens Bank, one of the largest banking institutions in the Country. 
Bonding is provided through Thomas Rutherfoord, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina.  Centurion recently received a “Most Favored Contractor Award” for its ongoing performance.  With an excellent bonding relationship and a great rate, Centurion continues to be very competitive on projects requiring this service.